Equipment for production of corrugated cardboard

Corrugator SF-20N
Drying table DF-800


Corrugator SF-20N

Cardan suction corrugator with Quick Change system
Producer: Taiwan


Dimensions, mmLWHWeight(kg)
220046602100 199015 100
  • motor-operated adjustment of thickness of glue-spreading depending on the format of corrugated cardboard;
  • corrugating rolls: 320 mm in diameter, precisely machined, made from a special alloy;
  • complete air gauging and adjustment of convergence and spreading of corrugating rolls, pressure rollers, advance/retract of pasting system;
  • glue spreader diameter: 254 mm;
  • glue applicator is made with the use of special technology, denting and finished with chrome to decrease glue spread;
  • corrugator is controlled via remote control.

Drying table DF-800


Latest technology main driver with a standalone speed reducer
and adjustable speed drive
Producer: China


  • even steam heating in any point of the table;
  • steel drying sheets with ground face, coarseness of Ra=0.63;
  • hydraulic drive for pad ascent;
  • table is divided into areas of heating and equipped with a temperature adjustment system;
  • separate actuator synchronized with the line;
  • drying table: 20 sheets, length of cooling and stabilization section: 10 m.

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