for corrugated cardboard

OOO First Cardboard Factory features the state-of-the-art equipment for production of corrugated cardboard by BHS (Germany) and LMC (Taiwan) which allows the company to produce a wide range of packaging products.

High-technology equipment is capable of processing pre-fabritcated corrugated cardboard of 310x720 mm to 1,200x2,700 mm from three- and five-layered corrugated cardboard of B, C, E, CB, CE, BE flutes and of producing corrugated cardboard die-cuts of 200x500 mm to 2,450x4,500 mm.

The maximum corrugated cardboard production rate is 250 m/min.

Certain units of production lines are equipped with remote controls to adjust any operation parameter. The cardboard is produced from raw materials by the leading European manufacturers.

Processing equipment

Automatic lines for production of corrugated cardboard packaging.

6 PA-STK dies production

6 PA-STK automatic high-performance (up to 10,500 boxes per hour) line is designed for production of packaging of complex shape by rotary die cutting within the range from 1,200x2,750 mm to 265x840 mm with flexographic printing (up to three colours).

Production of 4-valve boxes of 5 PA-FG model

This line is designed for production of 4-valve boxes within the range from 310x720 mm to 1,000x2,500 mm with flexographic printing (up to two colours) and cases with additional holes. Maximum rate: 15,000 boxes per hour.

Automatic die cutter Lisheng LS 1670

The die cutter is designed for production of complex shape packaging within the range from 600x400 mm to 1,670x1,150 mm by flat dying with a rate of 4,500 boxes per hour.

Additional equipment

The automatic line for pallets packaging in polypropylene tape and wrapping in SIGNODE tape (Germany).

Taiwan Edurance automated roller system (Taiwan) for transfer of semi-finished corrugated cardboard products and finished products at various stages of production cycle.

Strock colour mixing system for preparation of any colour and shade for flexographic printing.

State-of-the-art system for corrugated production waste management including Godswill waste paper bailing press (Taiwan).

State-of-the-art lab equipment for quality control of raw materials and finished products at all stages of production cycle.

Automated system for preparation of starch paste for corrugators by CHC (Taiwan).

Equipment for production of molded paper packaging

Thermoforming machine TPM-1500 tpn.

Production rate: 1,400 pcs/h.

CL-1066 labelling machine production rate: 1,130 pcs/h.

Colours: brown, light brown, white.

It is possible to overprint the internal side of the cover.

Packaging upon the customer’s request.