Corrugated cardboard and packaging Quality Control System

There is a laboratory at the production site which carries out the multi stage quality control of corrugated cardboard and corrugated packaging at all stages of production.

The production laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art and high profile equipment which meets the highest international standards, such as ISO, TAPPI, PARTAS. All laboratory tests are carried out in accordance with the requirements of technical and regulatory documentation for incoming raw materials and finished corrugated products.

Company standard: TS 5841-003-87107057-2011

Raw materials input control

OOO FCF carries out the input control of each batch of input raw materials according to the following indicators:

  • Ring compression test (RCT) according to ST 10711-97;
  • Resistance of corrugated paper to flat compression (CMT) according to GOST 20682-75;
  • Resistance of corrugated paper to front compression (ССТ) according to GOST 28686-90;
  • Burst strength (BST) according to GOST 13525.8-86;
  • Surface absorption (СОВВ) according to GOST 12605-97;
  • Specific tenacity according to ISO 1924-1-96, ISO 19242-85, GOST 13525.1-79;
  • Air permeability according to ISO 5636/5, GOST 13525.14-77;
  • Moisture content according to GOST 13525.19-91;
  • Weight according to GOST 13199-88 (analytical scale).

ОEquipment for raw materials input control

Finished cardboard packaging undergoes test for the following

  • Thickness of corrugated cardboard according to GOST 22186;
  • Weight, m2 according to GOST 13199;
  • Edgewise compression strength (ЕСТ) according to GOST 20683-97;
  • Pressing resistance (BST) according to GOST 13525.8-86;
  • Plybond strength (РАТ) according to GOST 22981-78;
  • Moisture content according to GOST 13525.19-91.

Additionally the following tests might be carried out upon customer’s request

  • Product weight;
  • Flat crush resistance (FCT) according to GOST 18211.

All shipped products are accompanies by quality certificate, state registration certificate and declaration of conformity

QMS ISO 9001:2008

Food Safety Management System certificate (FSSC 22000) ENG


Food Safety Management System certificate (FSSC 22000) RUS


ISO 9001:2015 certificate ENG


ISO 9001:2015 certificate RUS